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Friday, July 18, 2008

Almost Frugal AWESOME Giveaway(s)

Going on RIGHT NOW, called the Great Kid Giveaway go check it out. I love the Play Corn. Less of a mess to clean unlike play-doh. Would really LOVE to try that with my boys. My oldest would really get a kick out of that stuff, he's always wanting to CREATE something. Plus since I've been a SAHM for almost a year I don't have very many creative things for my boys to do so this would be a GREAT, WONDERFUL, AWESOME addition to the household crafts. LOVE IT, WANT IT, NEED IT. :) LOL
Play Corn, love it. Go check it out. AWESOME STUFF.
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  1. I entered! That looks cool! Thanks!

  2. Hey girl! Just droppin' by to letcha know Scrapbook Saturday is up :)

  3. Hi,
    Just dropping in from MBC to say hello and check out your blog. Like you my favorite color is purple. I have a hard time finding purple clothing but somehow most people know I love the color.


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