Nothing But Purple: Gift Card Winner!!   

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gift Card Winner!!

Forgetfulone said...
I love what thewritegal suggested, but I have an idea for you to consider. How about writing a post with links to posts in your archive that show how your blog has changed from post 1 to post 200? Pick a few you like best from your archives, write a little snippet about why you choose those posts, and link us up to them. That might also serve to increase your readership as well.
Thanks for a great contest!

Let me know in a comment which card you would like; Wal-mart, K-mart or Cato.

Thanks to everyone that entered. I enjoyed the ideas and have saved them for up coming posts. So please check back often.



  1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked my idea, and I look forward to reading your 200th post. I won't miss it because I'm subscribed to your blog in Bloglines. How about Walmart? Again, thanks so much for a great contest!

  2. If you will email me at armitage923(at)yahoo(dot) com I will email back with my address. I'm not sure about putting it in your comments section. Actually, though, if I can send it via comments without it getting posted, I can do that.


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