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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PaperBack Designs Creative Package Giveaway

Here is a little bit about Vanessa of Paperback Designs.

My name's Vanessa, a Filipino. I'm 19 years old. I am currently living in my homeland, the Philippines. I do not have any siblings, but I do have a loyal companion, Benjie, my dog. I am a senior college student majoring in Computer Education.

At first, I had no plans in offering my services for other bloggers. I just love to design templates, to mix and match colors and to see if they will work. It was a passion for me. Then I started to notice that I am making a lot of templates but they were all in my computer. They were nice but it's useless if nobody is ever going to use them. So I decided to release these templates as linkwares (free templates) in Paperback Designs. That's how Paperback Designs got started (December 2007).

After a month or so, I started receiving emails from other bloggers requesting for custom designs (even if I was not offering - at that time custom designs). I was happy that they have entrusted me to work on their blog design!
I design my blogs at home, it's much comfortable using my own computer. My favorite designs are the one's in my portfolio, especially Over the Top Aprons. I just love them all! I also love my ready made templates for blogger called lonely girl and elegant frame. As for freebies, my favorites are flower border and critters.

She also does etsy banners. She blogs at The Uncomplicated Chatters.

These are a few of her premade designs.

or how about this one simple yet to the point of blog personality,

OH AND THIS ONE! So mysterious.

She has a premade that you can bid on for your blog. Check it out. She also has done websites. Over the Top Aprons is a site that she helps maintains. She was asked to organize it such as arranging all the pages, editing the pictures, and putting up the links. For a small fee, she offers her website maintenance to people who are busy with their business that they can't find time to maintain their website. They just send her the details and she does all the work.

Now on to the contest and what she has offered from her store. This contest is for BLOGGER users only.

A creative package which includes the following:
*header image customization (image search)
*"go back home" button for navigation to homepage
*blog template
*custom divider for your sidebar
*custom post-signature
*matching advertising button for your blog
*10 revisions BEFORE installation
*free installation
This prize is worth $30US

Then 4 consolation prizes of an Entrecard design for linking both Paperback Designs and her new blog:The Uncomplicated Chatters, and reviewing Paperback Designs (worth $5US each)

You're FIRST Entry is to post about what you would like on your blog with links to my blog( and to Paperback Designs along with a review of her designs.

Extra Entries PLEASE LEAVE EACH Extra in a different comment:
-follow me and Vanessa on twitter
-how long have you been blogging?
-what motivates you to start and maintain a blog?
-Grab a button either one of the holiday buttons and/or my NBP button.
-Stumble this contest
-Twitter this contest
-subscribe to me
-Digg this contest

*Sorry for some confusion but please reread the contest details, those that have already submitted comments that had all those on there PLEASE come back and do them in seperate comments so you get the right amount of entries. Thanks, Jessica and Vanessa.

Winner of the Creative Package Design will be done by a live drawing.

Then Vanessa and I will judge for the consolation prizes. To be eligible for those prizes you must link back to her and myself with a review of her designs along with suggesting what she could do for a premade design. After you have done that please leave a comment with a link so we can view your post.

Contest ends Nov 23rd.



  1. yey, yey! I'm gonna participate. I've been loving Vessa's work and would love for her to customize one for me. I'll come back in a while. :)

  2. How fun! I have a couple of blogs now, but not sure they are going like I'd planned. Really like her work and excited about this giveaway! Thanks :)

  3. Over The Top ApronsNovember 13, 2008 at 6:59 PM

    Vanessa is a very, very talented young lady. As mentioned above she is working with me to maintain my website,( organize the pages, giving me marvelous suggestions and ideas to have a great looking website, and actually taking control to make it beautiful and professional.

    Besides maintaining my website she also designed my blog: http://overthetopaprons.blogspot, designed my business cards, entrecard, hang tags, return address labels, promo widgets .... there is no end to the skill and talent of this young lady.

    Whoever wins this contest will be given a great opportunity to be able to work with Vanessa. You will be very pleased. (these comments were not asked to be given, I just happened to come across this site and saw the information about the giveaway ).

  4. Hie there,

    To be eligible for the contest, do I comment here on what I look for, for my blog or do I do a post about it on my blog? Do email me for further details. Thanks lots! :)


    Cheers! :D

  5. I could really use this. Both of my blogs have free backgrounds and headers that I have attempted to do myself. I have no idea what I type of design I would want for my blog. Probably something with Pink in it. I have only been blogging since August so I am pretty new to it. When I had my daughter I wanted to be a SAHM but that meant one less paycheck coming in. So I heard about getting paid to blog. I checked it out and signed up. Right now I don't have a high page rank so there is not that many opportunities. But I am hoping to change that. When I started that blog I got addicted. And so The Life of a Military Wife blog was born. Here are my two blogs if you want to take a look:
    livlifelov at yahoo dot com

  6. I would love to win this! My blog needs "refreshed" sort of speak and I think Vanessa would be perfect to help me out! I want something fun and girly at For The Love of Baby! My girls are energetic and fun and I want it to show in my blog. :)

  7. I am following both of you girls on Twitter :)

  8. I just have a small blog that I do for my famliy and friends back in the UK (as I now live in the US). I would like something a bit more lively!

  9. thanks for sharing this giveaway, Vessa & Jess. :)

    For my 1st entry: What am I looking for in my blog?

    ---> I prefer a light, neat and fresh-looking blog - meaning with a background of a very light to lighter shade of purple, a 2-column template, a head banner consisting of photos of the things that define me as a person (if this is even possible), easy to load page, widget-friendly, a not-so-congested sidebar (with buttons that would link to another page containing menus from my sidebar). Hmm. I think that's all. Hahaha! :)

    And I also posted this in my blog:

    I also did the ff:
    -Followed you both in twitter
    -Made an entry post linking you both
    -replied to how long have I've been blogging?
    -replied to what motivated me to start and maintain a blog
    -Twittered this contest
    -subscribed to your blog feed

    thanks a lot!

  10. Hi. This would be perfect for me and my 2 other friends at our newest blog we are putting together called A Little Mommy Told me.
    We are looking for something that is easy on the eyes and just fresh. Something in soft colors and we even have an idea for the header, but are open to suggestions too!

    I am followng you and Vanessa on Twitter.
    I have been blogging since Dec. 2007.
    I blog to keep in contact with distant friends and family. ALso I have a medical blog to educate people on Sjogrens and Kidney Transplant~ 2 things I am going through.

    My current up and running blogs are

    Thanks so much!

  11. My blog is a personal blog where I do my teenage rant, voice out my ideas and opinions, share my thoughts, as well as procrastinate from studying. Based on that, we can see that it's basically all about me, myself and I. Therefore, I would reckon the background to illustrate my personality.

    Now I shall begin on what I look for, for my blog. My fav colour is pink thus I would want a pink background. Probably with stripes, polka dots, or better still with swirls or sakura flowers. I'd also love to have heart shaped icons all over. I'm very passionate about baking and cooking so I could also use cupcakes or ice creams icons - anything baking/food related.

    I have a lot of links to put up therefore would make great use of a 3 columns layout with the posts in the middle. I would want a navigated page for an ABOUT ME section as well, linking back to the HOME. I'd also appreciate with adding colours to my blog layout so that it'll look fresh and bright. I'm a very outgoing person, so I reckon that my blog layout shall reflect that energetic part of me. :)

  12. I stumbled upon this post.

  13. How long have you been blogging?

    Well, I've been blogging since 5 years ago and have also changed several blogs. I've however sticked to the current one for two years already.

  14. What motivates you to start and maintain a blog?

    The reason I started blogging 5 years ago was because I wanted my voice to be heard. But my blogging wasn't consistent. I blogged when I felt like it. But those were the days, now I maintain a blog and try to update every alternate days, if not daily. This is because I'm overseas, far far away from home and blogging helps me keep in touch with my friends and family back home. So just they know what I've been up to and to know how I've been doing.

  15. I'm following you on Twitter and also Vanessa.

  16. I've also subscribed to your blog posts.

    Sorry for the multiple comments, but it is because u did mention above to do the different entries in separate comments. :)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  17. And I twittered this contest too! :)

  18. I blogged all about what I would like & what I like at her site

  19. I now Follow you and Vanessa on Twitter - I am Kelliebug :)

  20. I have your holiday button up on my blog!

  21. I haven't been blogging that long - maybe a couple of months I think. I realized how much I love it and should have been doing this a longtime ago!

  22. I started and maintain my blog mostly to make connections with other women & moms out there. Staying at home all day can get isolating and it is nice to be able to find a hobby that is FREE and lets you make friends :) I get inspired all the time by the blogs I read. I also use it as a journal to write about my days with my daughter. It's a nice way for family to stay in touch too.


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