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Monday, December 1, 2008

**CLOSED**Holiday Blog Party Giveaway Mimi Soaps

This contest is being sponsored by a wonderful online friend. Her name is Michelle "Mimi" Mammini and she does these wonderful soaps made from goats milk and glycerin.

Two lucky winners will have the opportunity to enjoy these lovely Christmas soaps. The one on the left is a soap made from goats milk with apple jack and orange peel scent. The two on the right which are called guest soaps which are made from glycerin with Cookies for Santa scent!

She blogs here and has just recently start a blog for her soaps here. Go to her soaps blog and suggest a scent and/or something for her to put on the soaps. That is your first entry and a MUST DO before other entries count. I do have moderation on so the comments wont get posted until after I see them.

Extra Entries in sperarate comments:
-Follow me on twitter
-Follow Mimi on Twitter
-TWEET this contest
-Blog about this contest with links to Mimi and myself.
-Stumble this contest
-Digg this Contest
-Favorite me on Technorati
-Subscribe/follow my blog
-Grab on of the holiday buttons there on the right.
-Link in blog roll

Ten extra entries!! Contest ends Dec 8th.


  1. I'm already subscribed to your feed on my google reader and I'm already following you. I added your Christmas badge to my sidebar. ;o)

  2. i suggested a scent to Mimi's soap blog.

  3. i follow you on twitter

  4. i blogged this here!

  5. I suggested scents to Mimi.

  6. I made a suggestion on her blog.

  7. I made a suggestion on Mimi's blog

  8. I am following Mimi on twitter

  9. Your button is on my blog

  10. I subscribed to your blog!

  11. I suggested lavendar as a fragrance to add to her soap collection. TY

  12. I suggested a scent on her blog :)

  13. Cinnamon and Pumpkin and Oriental Dragon sound great!@ I would also love to see a sandalwood, amber, patchouli blend.

  14. I am a subscriber

  15. stumbled!

    Also, to clarify my blog is (where your button is) and I did also comment at Michelle's blog with my recommendation


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