Nothing But Purple: January 2008   

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I get up, get ready for work, spend about 20minutes with the boys, then leave the house to go to work.

well it snowed/rained last night/this morning... so it was slick outside... anyway I get like 5minutes from the office and I start sliding. I'm on a country road. I slide, do a small correction, well I did a 180 the passenger side it a guard rail and then I do another 180 and come to a stop within 6-12inches from a diesel dual truck in someones driveway.. no one was coming at me thankfully.

I get out of the car there were two houses. I went to one knocked no answer, I go to the other no answer.. I see three cars coming and I walk to the road and wave to them and yelled HELP ME and I started crying.. two of the three stopped, one was a firefigther vulenteeer(sp)(i think), and the other was just a bystander, my hands were cold and she gave me her gloves. they call the police, ambulance, and the fire station. I'm okay.. a little whip lash, a few scraps and bruises, BUT OMG!! this really sucks as in no car period!! but I'm glad we live near family to help us get to work and back home.

the car is completely useless at this point. not sure if the insurance will call it totaled but I would b.c I've had for so long and we just don't need a wrecked car that's not worth fixing. I'm sure it's still driveable but this is the second accident that car has had so it's done. Both the carseats are done for. I wish I had my camera with me to take pics... both back tires were blown, the passenger door windows were shattered along with the back window, the back passenger door smashed in.

mmm... I don't know what I would've done if I had hit that other truck that was just sitting there. OH GOD!!! My so glad I'm still alive.

Thanks for reading if u got this far.