Nothing But Purple: August 2012   

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 2012

School has started, the end of the first full week has come and will be gone this afternoon.  The boys are doing great so far.  Making new friends, spending time with old ones.

Football is going well.  GO TEAM FALCONS!! Connor was playing as center but this week they have had open positions again, now that the coaches have see the kids play and can place them better with their strengths.  James is falling in love with football.  I tell him to get mean and growl at the other guys.  It's too funny.

KickOff Weekend

Getting Ready!

Getting Mean and Tooting his own horn.

The Whole Team
Varsity, Junior Varsity, Peewee and Chearleaders

Practice Spiking

My Little Football Family!

There's practice tonight and a game tomorrow! I'm excited! I'm proud of my little men.

On to me! I'm doing pretty good.  Almost finished with my first class, this is the last week for it.  Just one project to finish and turn in on Sunday! One class every four weeks for eight months. That's how this online program works.  I'm still seeing Josh and liking him more everyday.

Two weeks from today I will be another year older!! WOW! At 15 you don't think you're gonna make 19. At 19 you don't think you're gonna make 21.  At 21 you don't think you're gonna make it past 25 but you do and the years just keep coming.  Different challenges bring better oppurtunities.

Each year something different presents itself and you make the choice to either take it head on or leave it alone.  This year I've taken a lot of things head on.  Learning to let go and forgive those that have hurt me takes time but I'm a hundred precent positive that I have done that.  I'm a better person for it.

The reasons why I know I'm over my ex hubsand are as follows; I'm no longer worried about him, I'm not concerned with his life anymore.  I'm not putting myself down. I don't feel like a zombie anymore.  He and I were not meant to be together.  He broke his promises that he stood before judge and God vowing to keep.  I did not.  I do not have to carry his burdens anymore.  I FEEL more ALIVE now than I ever did the five years I was married to him.  I have nothing to be jealous about because I am back in school like I set out to be.  I have family that love me.  I don't get manipulated anymore.  I felt as though I was blocked off from the outside world.  Not anymore!  I'm actually having fun being me!

My music helps me in so many ways. Listening to Pink, Katy Perry, Josh Turner, Blake Shelton, Brandy, and all others bring my spirits back from where they came from.  "Just as fast as I can, to the middle of nowhere" - Pink Just Like a Pill, Blow Me A Kiss.  Can't Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera featuring Lil Kim - "No body can Hold us down" "Offended with what I have to say"and Josh Turner Time Is Love "I only get so many minutes, Don't wanna spend 'em all on the clock, In the time that we spent talkin', How many kisses have I lost?" Gloriana GoodNight and many more. Katy Perry - Wide Awake.  Adele - One And Only "You never know if you never try To forgive your past and simply be mine" Havana Brown featuring PitBull We Run The Night

These songs tell me that there is always hope, always love, always faith no matter what happens in your life.  You're still breathing, still waking up in the morning making it through the day able to come home breathing.  I'm thankful I have what I have. I wouldn't change it for anything.

This song says it all for me! Jennifer Lopez Dance Again So many songs that describe what people go through.  Every song has a meaning you just gotta listen.