Nothing But Purple: November 2011   

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our New Life

This will be typed in diary form until I have more to type.  I may do fictional posts here and there to help cope with what is going on in my life right now.

Sept. 16th -
With a new start to life comes a great new phone, new oppurtunities as long as I have my kids I will be ok. I am having help but it all hurts. I am getting stronger every day. Things will eventually start to look up. They just have to.  Kids are in school.  I am still babysitting though.  I hope to continue to babysit.

Nov. 15th -
Two months now living at my parents. It is still so new I still don't know what to feel.  My husband and I have been seperated since August.  Connor and I just finished the FIT program. 

I have a lot of support from family and friends near by along with family and friends far away. 

The boys are doing alright, though when Connor gets off his schedule he gets cranky and complains because he is tired.  James, on the other hand tends to mimick his brother.  School is going well for both of them.  Connor is a Tiger Cub and I still need to order his uniform. 

Some wonderful news this past weekend I gained a sister.  My brother got married on Saturday.  I am happy for them both but it is a bittersweet feeling.  The Bride was gorgeous as the rising sun.  The Groom was as handsome as the setting sun.  I had a wonderful time and so did my boys.