Nothing But Purple: 2010   

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life Without Internet

Three months since my last post. Crazy. Well things are good. Still breathing, eating, sleeping, taking care of my kids. I miss blogging on my own time. I love it but have found a new love, not to replace blogging, of course just to help with the brain keeping its wheels turning on creativity.

Connor is almost done with his second year of preschool. He is registered for Kindergarten and just a little over a month he'll be five years old. Time flies. It really does. He has grown so much learned so much. He can finally write his name lower case and upper case letters all by hiself. He also tries to write other words but asks for help which is fun to do with him.

James is doing well. Though he wants to go to school so bad with his brother. He will have to wait until next fall(2011)but I wont know for sure until the middle of May when I get his preschool screening results back. He apparently did well. When he came out he told me he wrote an "E" along with a few other letters. His face just lite up like lights on a Christmas tree. I feel bad that he has to wait. Stupid deadline. He has to be four before October first and well, his birthday is on the thirteenth.

Everything else is going well. I became an aunt at the end of February to a girl. I've been babysitting her the past three weeks and love it! She is such a cutie. James adores her so much he wants to hold her all the time, kisses her as well.

And on to that new love it is playing as characters from the Twilight Saga Series by Stephanie Meyers on Twitter. It's fun. It's inventive. Some really great stories have happened in their lives after Breaking Dawn;TwiTwitter.

I hope this was a good update for some if I still have readers. Thank you for sticking around. I am heading to bed.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Moly!!

It's been quite awhile! It sucks not having my OWN internet but I do what I can when I can. So very sorry for not being there on everyones blog to comment. I've got my fingers crossed that we will soon be able to take care of that problem.

On to other news. Hubby got a new job Christmas week at Amazon, in their warehouse of course. He is still on third shift but likes not begining near all those chemicals from YKK, the button factory for jeans. If you are wearing jeans check the back side of the zipper if it has YKK it had gone throught his factory at some point. I enjoy the time we have together in the morning.

We had a good Christmas. Boys received a lot of goodies. We are doing well all the way around. I'm still babysitting. Hubby recently received his 401K funds and that has helped. We also decided to get a new tv Sony Bravia 46". It's AWESOME!! I enjoy it.

I've also found a NEW hobby called TwiTwitter. It is a role playing game of Twilight, starting in the year of 2009 after the events in the books. I really have fun with it. If you ever get a chance check it out. It is played on Twitter. You might fall in love with this RPG Coven.

That is all folks.