Nothing But Purple: May 2008   

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today was somewhat productive. Apparently somehow the shed door broke off the hinges, so hubby went out and bought some new hinges to fix the doors.. looks brand spankin new. :) YAY!!

He also cleared out the back of the shed where there were a lot tree limbs and nasty stuff, but yet we can't dump it anywhere out in the woods... someone saw him, called it in and said that if it's not cleaned up him and FIL will both be getting a ticket... ASSHOLES. OH well.. we will get it figured out, though.

And now it's 10:38pm and they are all laying on the couch watching Surf's Up falling asleep.. LOL James is the last to fall but I'll have to put him in his crib so he WILL go to sleep.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Man what life was like and then what it is.

Connor as a newborn. Was easy for the get go. I knew when to feed him, when he needed changed, and when he needed attention. My first born is growing up way to fast in front of me, pretty soon he'll be starting preschool... WHOA MOMMA!! I'm in for it now. LOL A pics down memory lane.

3 Days old---there's a story for this day but I wont go into it.
3 days old

Almost a wk old
just loooking

His first hair cut.. LOL I miss that hair but it needed to be cut, it kept getting in his face

A picture of his first year.
Collage of Connor thru out the year

His First Bday

His 2nd BDay

and here he is over Memorial Day Wkend

16 Days and then I'll have a

3 year old on my hands!!! WOW TIME FLIES!! Daddy already got him a skateboard w/ helmet and pads, mit and ball, john deere tractor, and a new football. I got him some new bedsheets for now. I will be buying him a few clothes and what not but after that that's all b.c I know the grandparents will be getting him A LOT of stuff. I just hope to have a few more friends over than last year. I just need to get a few more things prepared and then it's all set. YAY Almost done. LOL

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

DH bought us some night stands for our bedroom and here's what they look like

Makes our bedroom look so much better with those in it.

The ride home...

didn't take him long to fall asleep riding back home. LOL eating that last of the M and M's while falling asleep.


Camping PICS


He was just so sleepy he didn't want to share.

Making faces for the camera







KC Raffle... Love it.

Toni has just won a really cool gag gift. They are bear bands wrapped around your beer.. LOL

Those are so cute and she's taking them to P'cola with her to share with a few other girls. those are soo cool... I wish my ticket was pulled for that.. but alas it never fails I play for stuff and yet never win... but it's all good, no hard feelings. Just wish I had some luck.

Thankful Thrusday!!

I'm thankful I have a part time job with my mom.

I'm thankful I have friends that will listen and just be there.

I'm thankful for the ppl in my lives.

I'm thankful I am able to buy my kids food every wk.

I'm thankful I'm not pregnant this year, but would've like to have been.

I'm thankful I have two little boys that adore me.

I'm thankful I have a husband that does what he can when he can.

Not even sure why I even blog anymore....

I know I have friends.. but do they really care, do they really want to KNOW me, do they really want to know what I'm think. I feel like the only ppl that REALLY care are my family and 2-3 friends... yes that's more than I've had in a LOOONNNNNGGG TIME.. but it would be nice to know that I have more than 3 friends that I can count on to be there for me when I need to talk to someone. I've never pissed off anyone from something I've said.. I've always been a meek and mild girl and still to this day. WHY OH WHY can't I be more like some that I admire, those women who just say what's on their mind and doesn't care of what other's think. This wk my feelers are out stretched so far that something so little has made me cry THREE TIMES now. AAHH I know a lot of women go through these at least once a month but this one is really bad for me, I've never felt this way even back in high school. I've been kinda snappy at my husband and I don't mean to me, it just comes off that way. AND I'm SORRY!!!

This week is my funk week and it's really irritating me b.c I've never been this bad. I seriously think I need something to help me. I don' t know how much more or how many more months I can go through this. IT'S JUST NOT ME!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The pictures explain it all.


Back from Camping

Sleeping boy on the way out to the lake...

At the site. :) James loved being out there.
His face about the tent

Looking at bugs

Huggin a new found friend

Feeding momma

Playing in the tent


Late Nap

Got hiself a drink

Hammick time

Mini Batman

YAY!! I'm so HAPPY for a friend.

She saw the sac, so she has a viable pregnancy after all her IVF troubles and all. This is wonderful. She's still in my thoughts and prayers though. Nancy completely deserves this and I hope she gets what she wants.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Camping really wore the boys out... and myself. Lots of space so they did lots of running around!! LOL we got home today about 430 they were asleep by 730.. YAY My Hubby just left for work and I'm headed to bed.. I'll tell more tomorrow about the trip.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


We are going camping today through tomorrow afternoon. Gonna do all the things u do while camping, Fishing, trail walks, and sit around a campfire. YYIIIPPPPEEEEE!!!! I'll be taking LOTS of pictures!! I just hope I get some good ones.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Playing The Waiting Game

Connor had his preschool screening last wednesday. He did awesome, but sucks that I wasn't able to go back with him to see how well he did. They didn't even sit with me to talk to me about anything, which I thought was really strange. So now it's again a waiting game just like everything else in life.

They said he is right on track for a three yr old.  yiippppeeee.... So he was put on a tuition waiting list so after all the developmentally delayed and free/reduced kids get their spot they'll let me know if there is room for Connor.  Kinda sucks b.c he needs other social interaction.

If this fall isn't his year well then I just might put them both in daycare for two days a wk. I'm not sure depends on how things work out with this job and everything else.

bathtime through out his life.

He is such a bath boy, everytime I start the water he comes a runnin. LOL He loves playing with when it's flowing out of the faucet, loves laying down in it like he's swimming. Just an all around fun boy when it comes to water. :) His brother was like that not anymore. Just shows you how differnet they can be when they are born so close together.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jamesy Boy

My little James over Mother's Day weekend. :) he is just getting so big and amazing me everday. But that whole wkend he was a clingy crabby boy. UGH I just wanted to leave him there and go somewhere else for the wkend but since he was mother's day I stayed. It was only the wkend so we were fine.

Little James here is 18months old... my baby, the one who nurses, and gives me commical relief from time to time. Such a momma's boy. His bigger brother was and still never is like that. Whenever my husband and I are hugging he cries b.c SOMEONE else is all over mommy. Quite funny but yet mean.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nail polish and permenate marker...

It does help take care of it!! YAY I just might be able to save my desk and mouse pad.. not sure about the keyboard may have to turn the computer off so I don't screw up anything.. LOL so I'll do that and then head to bed.

SKP from the KC

We did secret kid pals this time and it was great... James loves his stuff. although his brother wanted the stickers I told him he would have to wait for his to come in.. i'll post about his on his blog.

but here are some pics.

OTH!! *One Tree Hill*

OMG!!!! I so want to drop kick Lucas. a big PITA. just go with your heart already quite pull these girls strings for god's sake.

Last eppy of the season and now I want summer to be over so the new one can start. He called either Brooke, Lindsay, or Peyton to go to Vegas and we have to wait til next season. ARGH!!

and YAY Nathan!!! comeback baby. I'm so glad James Lucas Scott jump in the pool and overcame his fear just like his daddy.

Love Haley's new song.

WTF!! DAN hit by a car and then the beeper goes over... COME ON!! how predictable was that.

yanno what... i just realized that it could possibly be Lucas and Peyton in Vegas b.c of a previous preview for NEXT season. The one where they are in the room... they LEYTON as the cw members call them is in vegas together. WOW!! GREAT SHOW!!


I'm so happy for Nancy. She got her Doubled Numbers this afternoon!! She is preggers!! YAY!! Congrats are in order for her. Number 3 come on down for mommy. Just overwhelmed with joy for her at this time. HUGS

Pictures of my Black Son.. LOL

Yep u guessed it!! LOL my little three year old did that to himself along with my keyboard, desk and mouse pad!! ARGH!!