Nothing But Purple: April 2008   

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Connor was asleep at 930, but then woke up crying at 1030(right before dh left for work) then it's been every 1/1.5 waking up with him crying. I cried this time b.c the person he's been wanting is daddy!!! makes me feel very bad bc ever since james was born i haven't gotten any real 1on1 time with him b.c if i spend any time with him or he sits my lap james is right there.

I really miss the days before finding out i was preggo with james.... this is so hard for me to deal with... and i just need to accept it but i wanted to have just one til 3/4yrs old... this is so hard. i wasn't ready for two.

i can't stop today is suck balls!!! big time.

how do any of you with 2+ feel? i just don't understand y i feel this way... i love them both and would die for both.

Friday, April 25, 2008

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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here are some pics. I LOVE IT, HUBBY LOVES IT. The kids love it. I have to take it to the dealer on Monday to get it detailed.

We finally have a new car!!!

2006 Pontiac G6 4door sports sedan. LOTS OF ROOM, cd, digital msg center, red lights inside with black interior and silver trim. Silver exterior. AC/HEAT.... adjustable foot petals, sun roof, the whole nine yards.

ZERO down, but 417 a month for 5years.. the finance person said that after 13months we could come back and refinance, BUT my state farm agent said that they can probably refinance it for cheapier, so once we get all the collections OFF both our credits we'll see what happens, and since we already had insurance on the oldsmobile, he just transfered the monthly payment, that we owed on the oldsmobile, to the pontiac.

I'll get some pics sometime today, if it's somewhat decent lighting outside. LOL