Nothing But Purple: April 2009   

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review and Giveaway: You Can Make This**NEWDATE**

I was recently contacted by a company that you may already know of, that supplies down-loadable instructions on how to make anything from clothes and jewelry to handbags and home decor and lots more.  Everyday moms, just like you and I, who have an expertise in a certain area have written up these instructions all in one place.  You Can Make This.comprovides those instructions down-loadable to your computer.   "They are written in a way that makes you feel you have a friend sitting right next to you, telling you what to do next. They all have detailed instructions and step-by-step full-color photos so even the most "craft-challenged" person can make these items for their homes and families."ycmt_freenewsletterbundle1
 I have read two of their instructions and for me they are really easy to read.  There are little side notes in parentheseses for an explanation in the pictures, such as "the purple line
In fact, if you'd like to try out some products for free, you can sign up for their FREE newsletter. After signing-up, you'll receive a link in you email inbox asking you to confirm the subscription. Simply click on that link, and you'll receive all of these product instructions pictured here, plus an online video and digital scrap-booking frames. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

---Mandatory Entry---

They are letting me give my readers, YOU, the chance to a $50 bundle of MORE DO IT YOURSELF instructions. Check out You Canycmt_50bundlegiveaway Make This come back here and let me know one item you would like to learn how to make.  "You can learn how to make a Child/Adult Apron Set, Women's Reversible Wrap Skirt, The "She Loves Me, She Loves Me KNOT" Handbag, The Reversible Patchwork Bucket Hat, Easy-Fit Pants, and Boys Ties. Remember, even if you've never sewn before, the site believes that you REALLY CAN make these things!"


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This giveaway will end Friday May 29, 2009. That gives you two weeks to do all.  Once you have done those extra entries you can have unlimited entries about stuff that you have created or stuff you would like to create.

WW Edition 4.29

Here's a few pictures to tell you what I've been up to.  Flowers are from my hubby for our 3yr anniversary.

James on my shoulders.  We were outside watching a hot air balloon float over our house.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally Got It Back!!

Thanks to Kimberly and my brain.  Since I was having issues the Revolution Lifestlye, with the sidebars.  I decided to just delete it from my host server to have to upload it again and of course it worked.  Then I was having issues with my content! 

PING! Kimberly, was there to help me get it all straightened out.  She has typed up a few tutorials that I will have snippets of and linked to her, because I found out the other day that there were NONE for this theme so I suggested it to her.

I like the way it looks now I just need to get my header in the right spot and all will be good again.  Oh and don't forget about the ad spots that I have over there on the sidebar.  I will have more details on that as time moves on.

A few things to look forward to are a few giveaways along with reviews. Now that I have might site back to looking presentable I will be mosting a bit more. 

Now I must leave you and tend to my kids and husband. MWAH!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Ad Spots!

You see those add spots over there to the right, yeah those.  Well pretty soon I'll be taking paid ads 10 dollars a month.  Right now I have those three up because well the first two I really like and the third won her spot from a contest on Mamma Dawg.   I'll have more details up later but for now, if you would like me to display your sites banner you can send it to me by email in one of the contact forms.  All I ask is that you put Ad in the subject line and place the code in the message area.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Pictures

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter this past Sunday.  I know we did.  So here are a few pictures of my boys.


I've been somewhat busy the last couple of days. Of course Sunday was Easter and I had the family over for lunch then we did an egg hunt with eggs we decorated Friday.  Monday was just a normal Monday, dropped Connor off at school and went to work.  Tuesday the samething. Today, Wednesday I just went to work!!  And the first day I went to the tanning bed since 2003!!! OMG! WOW I didn't think it was that long ago since I had been.

Friday I have off so I can spot clean my house before Saturday when I have my Thirty One Purse party.  It's also the day I get my hair cut. I'm still debating on what I want to do with it. Go figure. 

Sorry I haven't been around much to everyone's blog but without internet at  my house I only get about two hours on a computer with internet.  I promise I'm not negelecting I'm just not able to read as much as before.

If there is anything you would like me to read please leave a link to it in Mr. Linky so that I may come and read your posts and leave ya some love.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monster Jam Truck Rally

It's been a few weeks since we had gone but I figured it's been awhile since I last really posted so here's pictures from the event.



james-trucky-rally connor-trucky-rally

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Surroundings

I know it looks different here and there aren't any buttons or anything. Sad to say something got really messed up in the theme I was using before, I did ask for help but I hadn't heard back from anyone about it. So I'm hoping Kathie from Simply WP will help me out and maybe, just maybe I will get a new completely new look.

Other purple news, the office has offically moved to their new place. My office is dinky, I am sitting next to the copier machine. It will get loud in thie room when they print stuff.

On April 18th at 10 in the morning I will be getting a new hair do!! I'm excited and a bit nervous because I've thought about doing something totally new and different. Ever since high school I've had it shoulder length with and without layers. I've had it short, permed wavy and tight curly.

I will also be having a Thiry-One Purse Party that day in the afternoon.