Nothing But Purple: September 2007   

Friday, September 28, 2007

Burgoo Festival is this weekend

And I have to be there Tomorrow from 9-11 YAY me!!! then I work 2-8 fun fun day.

I'm gonna try and go sometime this early evening to get out of the house and if hubby doesn't want to come well then that's just fine..

OH MY, quiet house again... YAY need to fold those clothes. James is walking and Connor is a typical 2yr old!! I still have nothing ready James' birthday the invites r ready just waiting to be sent out, I have plates and all that ready just need to figure out what were are gonna do for his smash cake and our cake for family and friends. WE've only gotten him a few gifts and it's already tight with money around AGAIN ARGH!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eventful Morning :)

It was so great. We got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and then went to the park for about an hour. :) It was heaven. They both had fun chasing bubbles, swinging, climbing on the jungle gym, and then running the bases at the little league field. :) it was funny. Took my camera but within 4minutes it went dead so I wasn't able to get it all on tape.

James was playing in the cool dirt, you know how when u were a little kid u'd run your hand through the sand/dirt because of the way it felt, well that's what he did. I just made sure he didn't stick any of it in his mouth. :) Then I took them for a small walk in the stroller.

Connor did not want to leave the park. He's an outside boy and so is James wherever his big brother goes he has to follow. Well we ended up going to the library afterwards for some group reading were visitors come in and read books, sing songs and whatever else they do. This was the first day we went and Connor, I think, liked it. It also might be our Wednesday routine, park, library, home.

They are both napping so I figured I'd go ahead and type this out so I can remeber it for later. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It wasn't as good as I thought it would've been.... I don't think I made it right... it cooked all the way through just not sure what happened unless the whites just tasted nasty to me... I'm gonna throw out ASAP. UGH I guess I'll be raiding the Grand parents tomorrow. Boys r asleep.

James will eat just about anything, spaghetti, chicken, all veggies, all fruits, hamburger(for the helper meals) any kind of noodles or rice. He has six teeth.. Connor had at least 8-10 by the time he was a year old maybe more I do remember though that he had his 1yr molars by the time is was 18mos old and then the I teeth. James he just has the four top ones and the two bottoms. I can never get a picture of them.

James doesn't like it when Big Brother takes things away so he screams loud until I make Connor give it back. Boy he knows how to scream/shriek. There's already gonna be fighting and things of the like and I was so hoping there wasn't gonna be.

Man in two weeks tops James will be a year old. YIKES!! ARGH!!! this is not cool. LOL I don't have anything prepared, yet. This kinda sucks b.c when Connor was turning one I had just about everything ready and set to go two weeks prior to his birthday. I can't remember how I did it w/ all the help I had. It's just crazy, Friday I have to get invites made and sent out to ppl that I KNOW will show up. OI I told myself I would be prepared after Connor's birthday but NOPE stupid procrastinating. Well I have lots to do within these next two weeks better get off my bum and do it. LOL

Dinner time

is Eggs, bacon, ham, and cheese baked all together. I hope it turns out good. I used quite a bit of eggs since I get so many on my vouchers. we are scrapping the bottom of the food source here in the house... we may end up raiding the grandparents food stash. I hope it doesn't come to that but the electric needs paid along with the water this wk otherwise no electric for hot water. UGH MAN That's one thing I hate about being poor, but I guess I asked for it and I just need to deal with it.

Hubby got a call back from that factory job.... he talked to the lady from where he works now and I guess I'll hear about it when he gets home or not. I just pray that he got it.

Also my mom is in Chicago for some work related stuff.. I hope she makes it home safely tomorrow.

Quiet Time Now

I'm catchin up on a few things.... the boys are napping THANK GOD! :) LOL My hubby just got his call back from that factory here in town.. here's to hoping!!! and that he comes home and tells me good news... he's probably on the phone with the lady right now. WOOOHHOOO!!! man this will take so much off our plate for awhile.

Well James is walking but not steadily yet. :) I'm so proud.. my oldest was walking a wk before he turned one and now James a month early. :)

well need to get back to doing what I was doing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

AH!! well I figured it out...

my password and all to getting back to my old one... LOL if there's something I miss on the first I'll post here. :) OI I need to get to bed my joints and such are aching.


I couldn't remember my password to my last blog to update it so here's a new... since I can't get if figured out. It's almost 11p and I need to head to bed... mmm I think I may change my template. :)