Nothing But Purple: July 2008   

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camera Critters #16

No matter what kind of toy we get her she ALWAYS manages to tear it to shreds. She also has a cinder block behind our shed that she rolls around and naw's on, quite funny if you ask me.

My Live

Is a wonderful place to create your own signature, but U MUST MAKE AN ACCOUNT with them first, I learned that the hard way. LOL :)

There are so many different styles you can choose from. My Live Signature go crazy with it.

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Except this one has been changed, Bubby, Boog, and Momma Cooks Cooking. A friend of mine, Melissa at Blog, What Blog? had posted a link to The Cutest Blog on the Block on the MomDot forums. So I, of course HAD to check it out and well there's something for everyone there. It's an awesome place to get what you are possibly looking for and they are easy to add to your blog.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



ARE U READY!!?? Cuz I am!! I'm excited to see these new routines. Dancing is my thing, although I really need to get into a dance class.

If you are watching it let me know via comment or Mr.Linky.

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My Favorite MomDot Prizes

Ok I will be updating this list as it will get longer and I will end up forgetting some of them. I've entered so many already over at MomDot that my head is spinning and I've lost count.

MomDot Links
Baby Bandz

Bitty Braille

Nubius Organics

Mabels Labels

SuperFun, SuperVillian, SuperCrazy Capes

The Fine Art of Family

Scribble It which ends tomorrow.

Here are my links

Bitty Braille Contest

Have You Gone Green Yet?

The Fine Art Of Family

Baby Bandz Contest

Little Giveaway but BIG, The Last Week in the Six Weeks Of Summer Giveaways

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Rotation of Movies!!

WOW I started a bad habit with Boog. He rotates between three different movies maybe more each day. Man I knew I shouldn't have done that when he was little, making the tv occupy him b.c nothing I did would soothe him after diaper changes, nursing sessions, and playtime. And getting him to GO TO sleep for naps where hell.

So here are a few of his favorites:

Happy Feet is really on of his favorites because of the music and dancing. Boog is my dancin fool. He's all about the music.

BY: Momma of Boog

Baby Bandz Contest @ Momdot. :)

Now these are really neat and would love to have the two sets that are being giving away!! OMG these little hats and sunglasses are adorable.

Looking at this close up picture you can see how they will stay on the babies/toddlers head. So many different colors and sealed in a PVC bag to store on the go.

Listed colors are green, blue, and orange hibiscus, Little Hunter, Key Lime Green, Pacific Blue, Rockin Red, Sunset Orange, Pink Flamingo, Paradise Purple(which I would love to get if I had a little girl), and Pink Floral. The hats are adorable.

So head on over to MomDot and see what I'm talking about. Keeping my little ones protected is important to me in our 90+ degree weather with it being so muggy and humid it feels almost like 110 degrees out there.

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Bitty Braille, Contest!! Yes I'm full of them.

YEAH I'm trying to win something damnit. LOL I haven't gotten anything yet from anything that I've entered so I'm hoping for some good luck with MomDot.

MomDot hosting another giveaway. Bitty Braille, shirts for little infant girls, shirts for little infant boys along with toddlers and personalized shirts. There's also hair clips for the princess your world. How about a birthstone charm.

I'm always up for something to resemble my boys birthdays but am not quite easy to find anything that I like. If I don't get a shirt I'll be sure to get on of her bitty birthstone charms.

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My HP Gals would be so proud of me. :)


Sign Mr.Linky. :)

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Sitting here staring at that blogcatalog *little shout out*

Button and I think my rank has gone up a point and some.... LOL YAY!! Someone likes me. LOL That's wonderful. I have so much love for the women over at MomDot, they realy do not know. I mean 3 months ago my blog was a no body and now look at it!! CRAZY!! what a little networking can do. awesome.

Love you ladies, MWAUH!!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chiropractor Does A Body Good!!

HOLY MOLY!! I need to go see mine. My neck, right shoulder and back have really been killing me lately.

If you have back problems, even while pregnant it is a wonderful thing to do.

My first pregnancy was hell on my body, Bubby put a lot of pressure on my siatic nerve. I wasn't able to walk after doing something for so long. I wasn't able to lay on my right side because that was just more pressure on it during night.

So I decided to go to a chiropractor, they did wonderful I wasn't have any pain and my labor and delievery went very smooth. Yes, is was vaginal.

Then we I found out I was pregnant again after 8months post-partum and my siatic nerve was acting up again, I was like NO WAY Am I going through this again. SO I went and by the time I had Boog, the labor and delievery was about an hr faster than the first.

So I am suggesting to those that are pregnant, looking to get pregnant or just have flat out back problems go see a chiropractor!! PRONTO. Those that are wanting to get pregnant start going now that way your body stays in somewhat prefect shape, then during the pregnancy and then after. You'll feel much better.

I know once I go for my neck I will feel much better, plus I also think this is from my accident back in January. Nasty story.

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Have You Gone Green Yet??

I've started by buying those energy saving light bulbs, needless we haven't really used them much b.c of the way our house sits. The sun rises at our back door and sets at our front door so I have TWO big windows that bring in natural light so I don't have to turn much of anything on.

I found these neat, cute little shirts for your 6 month old all the way up to 24 year olds from Nubius Organics. They are giving away a pack of three onsies priced at 35 dollars, over at MomDot.

These cute little shirst are wonderful for going green because they are made organic cotton and packaged in an organic reuseable bag. The shirts have little veggies on them which I think are darling!! Very cute.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dumb Ass!!

OMG that's what just flew out of his mouth. I've curbed my mouth so much I know he's learning more of that stuff from his daddy. I keep telling Cookie to watch what he says and well he hasn't stopped saying them. So I'm sure once C man gets into school I'll get phone calls after phone calls, and that will not make me the nice mommy to be around. C man knows that they words for big people only but he stills says them and in the right context. Very strange they know how to do that. LOL

The Fine Art of Family Contest

Over at MomDot. The Fine Art of Family Jewelry store has some lovely necklaces to showcase those preciouse moments as a family around your neck. Check out there Long chain necklaces, their lockets and necklaces, or how about their locket bracelets.

Everything is designed by Monica Rich Kosann, and from what I can see she does a wonderful job. She has sold to some major celeberities such as Britney Spears and Madonna. How cool would that be to have something similar to what they have.

Head on over to MomDot before all the spaces are taken and get those extra entries in.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


“Hey BlogoSphere! MomDot is so excited about our launch! We had been working hard to get going for August 1st, but with all the amazing support of mom boutiques and mom bloggers, we are ready to get the Party Started! We want you to come every day starting on July 28th with the party ending on August 31st, including prizes daily and feature bloggers, just in time to bang out the end of summer and into the school year. Don’t forget to list your blog for free and connect with other mommies on our forum!”

So get your little, big kesters over there NOW and have fun, catching up. I also included them in my Sunday Shout Outs. They are wonderful women who have done a wonderful job on this site.

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Attack of the Curler Brush!!

Last Thursday I was doing up my hair before I went into work. Well somehow the tip of the brush got turned towards my neck and this is the end result of a burn from my beloved curler brush.

Hubby says it looks almost like a hickey!! OMG NO WAY! Crazy what things happen when you aren't paying attention. SO PLEASE LADIES be careful with your hair products and accessories. Otherwise you'll end up with a hickey like mine. :)

Chin Chomper has a new meaning NOW

My word, C-man, J-man, and I were on the trampoline playing, jumping having fun, yanno. Well I'm laying on the mesh part and C-man starts jumping OVER top of me, it was fine for awhile til *I* got hurt. Some how he clipped me with his foot on my chin. NOT FUN. LOL my chin still kind of hurts.

After that we went for a walk and he is now in the tub, YAY!! He'll be asleep when daddy leaves for work, groovy, that means I'll have stop what I'm doing on the net and put him to sleep. J-man is a lot easier to put to sleep.

Well I'm off to go blog about something else on my blog

OMG Funny Boy!!

He is too funny! When I go to change his diaper he'll say "EEEEWWWWW I POOPPYY." It is hilarious!! He facial expression is priceless. Then when I see him pushing I ask "Are you pooping?" and he tells me "NO." How more cutier can he get.

I swear almost 21months old and his vocabulary is getting so much bigger, FINALLY!! We never went for his 18month check up for one it wasn't needed b.c he wasn't getting shots, two well that's a finacial reason.

Here are some recent pictures:

Nikki's Variety Shop @ The Giveaway

Here's another one. The 23rd Esty Giveaway is what it's called. A pair of Nautical Anchor Hair Pins are up for grabs. Now I have short hair but those would look great in my hair and allow me to pull my hair away from my face while look stylish. I don't have hair pins like that. Those would be awesome to have. Although the F Bomb Earrings would be great also because things just get F***ed up sometimes, LOL, and there's not much you can really do about it. Plus I love earrings and would love to add them to my collection.

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