Nothing But Purple: June 2008   

Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming up on my 100th post.

Not sure what to do, unless I post the 100 list that I have seen around lately. I guess I should start working on that. YIKES. Or I will have a giveaway not sure of what but I know I have baby toys that need place to go along with some clothes that have been outgrown. So stayed tuned for those.


Looking Back at his FIRST Birthday

Take a look at this Small Digi Scrapbook I made, looking back at his last year. WOW They grow up so fast makes u wonder sometimes.

Click to play James' First Birthday
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A digi scrapbook of Connor's 3rd Birthday

He had fun.... I know there's another post about this a little bit back but here are a few pictures that I may not have shared.

A small Digi Scrapbook of my High School Reunion

I had fun, not sure of anyone else... I don't think they were drunk enough. Two drinks is my normal limit... well I had more than that. LOL and well needless to say I wanted to dance but no one would get up with me. Bunch of Party poopers. :) Meant with love. it was nice to see them in person.

Now take a look at my lil digi scrapbook.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tip Junkie Celebrating 1 year Anniversary: 20 Day Giveaway

Everyday there will be one Giveaway, neat uh. So go check them Starting June 30th-July 28th. Take their code and blog about it. Along with leaving some nice comments.

Can't wait I'm so excited for this, to see what all they have in store for these next 20 days.

Here's the button, go check them out. And HAVE FUN. I know I will.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Fair + Heat = Tired Family

YAY I'll be in the newspaper with my son, Connor. I'll be getting a copy of that picture.. along with a copy of the newspaper. We presented a FIRST place horse. Holding him up on my left hip really irritated my siatic nerve down my right side. AND those of u that have had kids will probably know what I'm talking about. I had to put him down for a few minutes until the horse was near us.

OH, MAN.. get this the photographer had to snap twice b.c after the first one the horse got spooked or something b.c the guy that was the escort pushed Connor and I out of the way. Good thing too. I was not about to have to go to the hospital with my son. He was already too tired and didn't smile for the picture.

Besides that, the boys rode on a few rides. DH and I rode on one together and HOLY CRAPOLA!! Been a long time since I rode something like that. All in all we had a good two hours of family time.

Now the boys are snoozing on the couch and DH and I are about to head to bed, soon.

Connor is getting his 3yr pictures done tomorrow @ 10am. Then about 630pm we will take the boys to Amma's house for the night since we will be heading to *MY* high school reunion.. only been 5 years... sheesh. I'm getting old.

Seeing all those young kids..... took me back... crazy how that does that to some.


Tires + Age = HAZARDOUS

CRAZY... and I'm about to chck mine. There's a number on them, that consists of 3-4 numbers. The first two represent the WEEK the tire was made and the last one or two is the year it was made. So if u see something like 1301, it means the 13th week of 2001 and that that tire is over 6 years old and needs to be replaced with a NEWER Tire pronto.

Be safe and check those tires.


Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

This is a sweet moment, that I have yet to catch on camera myself. It was so prefectly played. Last spring, one of the towns churches held a photo shoot for whoever wanted to come, all u had to do was pay 10 dollars, but if u wanted more then u had to pay the full price of that package but it was an awesome deal anyway. they wore the tuxes and the photographer took the pictures. Good thing my mom went with me. :)

Anyway about the picture, like I said a sweet moment, Brotherly Love right there.. but MAN OH MAN.. I get so fed up sometimes now, they really start to irritate me more and more everyday. I just hope it's normal. I just wish they could stay sweet and nice to each other and be mean to those that are mean to them.


Now head on over to Candid Carries place either to participate or just go read.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saucy Blog from SITS

I just looked and WOW. LOL. I'm on their "Saucy Blog" list. So lucky to have that title. Just groovy. Can't wait to see their Recipe Site.

I love reading all of these new and/or experienced bloggers. I love the writing styles. I love seeing the different styles of layouts. I love the different people I meet. This is a great experience for me and I hope it continues. Now go ahead and check them out!! Pretty soon the next feature blogger will be displayed, so put them in your blog roll and keep on reading.


Well I have two buttons that were by

Accidental Mommies... u can find her button in my sidebar.

But I'm torn between the two... she did so wonderful that she did exactly what I had in mind. LOL just perfect for my blog.

so here they are... there will be a poll up soon for this as well.

#1 Defying

#2 Purple The New Pink

There might be more coming soon... so there might be more options just check back often, please.

Really THAI has become my favorite kind of food.

I had part of a co-workers lunch rice, gralic sauce, broccoli and chicken. OMG YUMMY. Crazy how your taste grows with you, ya know. I swear when I was younger I would not have even touched it. NOW YUMMY Very DELISH. I WANT MORE. LOL And so I shall. I will go back there one day next wk and pick up my meal for lunch.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Checking to see if this darn thing works this time...

OH BOY!! What fun and again going to be LATE tonight. Alright post this and then head to bed, Jessica

I was shouted out about today by

Toni Here's her link to her mid-wk shout out's Mid Week Blog Shout go check 'em out I'm sure everyone listed would love it. I enjoy reading different blogs, who doesn't. :) YAY


Groovy... HAHAHA I had to put it in the tab under settings, under formatting. LOL GO ME

Trying out something new....

Ok Trying out this signature thing, it seems like I keep putting it in the wrong place in my template

HAR HARDY HAR!!! Blonde moment right here.

Yanno, there's so many boutiques out there

for girls. SOMEONE needs to think of stuff for boys. Seeing all those cute little clothes for little girls makes me want a girl, and WE are NOT ready for another kid. We have two already that need to be in school before we even think about that. Also a bigger house with more rooms along with a bigger yard.

Well I have two little ones pestering me like crazy so I'm gonna go for a walk.

Looks like my boy will be waiting another year...

This is an email I recieved I today from the director:

"Ms. Cook,

Sorry about just getting back to you—we have been busy looking at current numbers and projections for the coming school year. We are required to serve children with disabilities and those children who will be 4 by Oct 1 who are free and reduced lunch eligible. At this time based on our numbers and available spots, we have decided to extend the tuition option to those children who will be 4 by Oct 1 (those students who have only this school year before starting kindergarten the following year). Since Connor is not going to be 4 by Oct 1, his name will remain on the tuition waiting list for three year olds. Once the four year olds are offered a tuition spot and those are confirmed, we will again examine our numbers to look at the feasibility of extending tuition to three year olds. He will still remain on the tuition waiting list in the meantime. In light of significant budget cuts that we have had from the state, we felt that the fairest decision was to allow all interested 4 year olds the opportunity to attend preschool via tuition before attending kindergarten. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be checking my email almost daily, but will not be in the office full time until July 1st. matt

So it looks like I may be putting them in daycare part time just so they can get some other interaction besides mommy and daddy. This really bummed me out today, and I was having a good day. But I guess I can always just hope for the best or go check out Head Start.

Three years old and staying at home just doesn't work for him most of the time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been tagged(although long time ago)

So here are 8 things U may not know about me.

  1. I don't like spiders they give me the hibby jibbies.
  2. I'm quiet and like to basically agree with everyone, even if I feel like they are wrong I voice what I have to say and then be done.
  3. In HS I had girls that were jealous and bitchy towards me b.c their men would TALK to me.
  4. Before I was 8 I had moved from California to Alaska to Utah to Michigan to New Mexico to Italy and then last stop was Kentucky.
  5. In HS I was in the drill team/colorguard all four years.
  6. I can BAKE some YUMMY Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  7. I like playing WOW, World of Warcraft.
  8. Last but not least, I have two kids before I'm 25 years old.

Now on to tagging a few friends/other blogs I like to read.

After Dinner

I finished making ramen noodles for dinner, for myself, and well two little munckins wanted MY food, yes ALWAYS my food. They ate it all, I may have only had 5 bites total out of the whole bowl.

Then Boog and Bubby started howling like dogs. It was the cutest thing. Those puckered up lips pointing straight up to the ceiling. So cute. I'll eventually get a picture of it. My ninteen month old is so funny and cute... but the devil in the house. He just gets these looks like "Umm, I'm gonna wait til she looks away". That's hilarious too, but I have to keep a straight face so he knows I'm not playing around.

I swear Boog will be the first one in trouble with the law. Nothing really phases him. It phases him when it's a stern no and nothing after it. He's always doing something to get himself in trouble, Bubby was never like that. Two very different boys. It's lovely SOMETIMES.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Inflatable Bouncy

SITS is having SIX, yes I said SIX weeks of SUMEMR fun fullfilled. Go check out that Bouncy. I'm sure any kid would love to have it. Priced at a 350$'s but yours if u just go check it out and become the newest SITSA!!! Hope u enjoy.

County Fair is in TOWN

OH BOY!!! Only went for an hour but walking behind a 19 month old.... that's work. LOL plus I haven't been sleeping well. The one reason I go is to eat a funnel cake. YUMMY. James rode only one ride but rode it twice. :) A friend that I was with took some pics.. I might be able to snag them from her and post them on his blog. So keep a look out for them. I know there's probably not many but yeah at least it's proof that he did ride a ride.

Well I made a little graphic

and uummm.... well it's not turning out really well when I try to put it in my header. I'm gonna get furstrated and pissed off and wont even bother with the damn thing. I've been trying to get into the whole blog about contest and this and that but it just seems like it ends up to be too much for me to with only 2hrs in the evening once the kids are in bed. KINDA SUCKS, b.c there's a lot of other web surfing that I do. HOW do u other bloggers manage the time like that? LOL :) Hopefully I get this place looking like something soon.

I just might have it figured out.... let me check this out...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

5 years ago....

I graduated high school. Fun times, but teenage years. This Saturday is the reunion, yyiiiipppppppeeeeeeee. NOT, it might be fun.

Hair is cut and cute, face will be clean and pretty, body not so much, hopefully I can wear something that hides what I have and flatters what I do have that I like. LOL I know kinda lame, but what else is there. Mr. C, DH, will be going with me.. and if he doesn't I have a girlfriend that would love to go with me. So either way the other 12.50 that I spent on his ticket wont get wasted.
Here's to hoping, to a great night along with fresh starts with my classmates, but really I think I had more problems out of the grads before us, so I really shouldn't worry about MY classmates. I just hope to see some that I haven't seen since we graduated, yanno.

All in due time though.. I am sort of excited about this. giddy as a little school girl again. OH BOY!! what fun this will be.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mom Bloggers Club

Come Join me and let's have fun

View my page on Mom Bloggers Club

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

Three years ago this month and 3/4days ago I gave birth to this little man, Connor. Crazy how time flies. These were taken just a few days after he was born.
just loooking
Mommy and Connor

Here about a year old, trying on some sunglasses

Last year on his 2nd birthday

And this was just this past wkend, June 14th. He loves it when it's HIS day. LOL

So after three years I have a very well rounded young boy. KNOWS to much for his own good. Knows words that I don't say very often, knows how to use them in the right context. It's crazy. now just jump on over to Candid Carrie and read the other phavorite photo's.

Monday, June 16, 2008

In 2 hrs I will offically have a three year old on my hands

OMG!!! CRAZY CRAZY!! Connor had a good time at his party Saturday. He got some mad loot as he does every year. YAY!! Two Scooters, yes I said two. :) LOL both sets of grandparents got him one, the second one he opened he said "James, could have the that one." I'm so glad he can share and he knows that a lot of things can be his brother's just the same as it is his.

He is just a growing machine. Almost HALF my height!! LOL It's crazy, I tell ya. Where'd the time go. REALLY!! Where'd it go. I miss my Connor Baby. Pretty soon he'll be in school learning, laughing, playing, and making friends. Can't wait for the parties that will be filled with friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My party!!! YAY LOOT

Me standing next to my presents
Photobucket I was excited, very excited. :) Had to wait for mommy though to get back from the store.

My camera, ALL MINE

Putting on his helmet to ride!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

and finally the cake

Saturday, June 14, 2008

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