Nothing But Purple: WORST NIGHT EVER!!!   

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Connor was asleep at 930, but then woke up crying at 1030(right before dh left for work) then it's been every 1/1.5 waking up with him crying. I cried this time b.c the person he's been wanting is daddy!!! makes me feel very bad bc ever since james was born i haven't gotten any real 1on1 time with him b.c if i spend any time with him or he sits my lap james is right there.

I really miss the days before finding out i was preggo with james.... this is so hard for me to deal with... and i just need to accept it but i wanted to have just one til 3/4yrs old... this is so hard. i wasn't ready for two.

i can't stop today is suck balls!!! big time.

how do any of you with 2+ feel? i just don't understand y i feel this way... i love them both and would die for both.

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