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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Series

My mother has given me a series of books called House of Night; Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed and Hunted.  I've just finished Marked and have started Betrayed.  So far I like them.  They are not gory nor are they up there in so called popular list.  P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristen have put a VERY different twist on the whole vampyre myth/legend, but from the first chapter they suck you in and you have been Marked.

Now whether or not you make it through the change you must make new of the life that is ahead of you.  Zoey Redbird was a normal sixteen year old high school student who never thought twice about it but also didn't want to take her geometery test the next day.  Of course she had friends and a family that obvisously had changed because of the man her mother married after her father died three years ago.

So all of that makes this Change so hard for her in the beginning because she just wants to be normal like everyone else in her new life.

So I've finished the last book in the series SO FAR.  There is a sixth book that will be published this October, I can't wait.  I also Can't for New Moon.  Jacob better be ready for a lot of screaming!  I hope the rest of you will be ready.

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