Nothing But Purple: Little Leo   

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Little Leo

Leo is a mixed breed pup. I was told that he was an American Eskimo Spitz/spaniel mix but as he has gotten older  and I've seen a few English Setters, Leo is looking a lot like the English Setter breed.

Last year was a bit rough, although Leo is an easy dog to train, he had to live with a friend, Alicia, who was glad to help me until I was able to find a place that would allow pets to live with the tenants.  He enjoyed the pup he played with but I knew he missed me. Nala was a great friend for him.

I take Leo to the dog park because at my apartment complex there isn't an area for the dogs to run around outside. They have to be on a leash. Leo loves the dog park. He'll run and run and run and never seem to run out of steam until I tell him it's time to go.

Once we get back in the car and moving, he falls asleep right a way.

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