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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks and pics

Well!! there's lots for me to be thankful for.. I know this is a bit late but I figured I might as well get it typed out. mom.. for being there when I need her the most and teaching me all that she knows. dad for always giving me a good laugh when I need it most to help relieve some stress or when I just need a good cry. brother well... his my brother I love him.

.... my dh who has kept me going for all reasons, caring and loving. he has become a better person since that talk last summer with my dad.

..... my two boys.... CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE W.O THEM PERIOD!!! they are too funny and they are what keeps me going everyday instead of laying in bed all day. their laughs, their smiles, their cries, their giggles, their quietness, their stubborness, their playfulness, and everything little boys have. :) they are both blessings.

....the roof over my head, it has kept us warm and safe for the past two years.

.... our dog she's done a wonderful job with the boys along with staying alert while dh is at work during the nights.

.... the ONE AND ONLY car that we still have to get us places. LOL

.... my BFF!!! sometimes it's hard to talk to her b.c of her school and work schedule but that's all about to change once she moves in down the street. LOL her and I have some funny memories.

I'm also thankful for the Mommy boards that I have joined the past 2.5 years, OMG,... I've learned so much from so many different mommies/families it's amazing what u can learn just by asking!!! It's great.

and now on to some family pics

We had fun with them and order lots!!! :) LOL now it's off to bed I go!!!

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