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Friday, April 3, 2009

New Surroundings

I know it looks different here and there aren't any buttons or anything. Sad to say something got really messed up in the theme I was using before, I did ask for help but I hadn't heard back from anyone about it. So I'm hoping Kathie from Simply WP will help me out and maybe, just maybe I will get a new completely new look.

Other purple news, the office has offically moved to their new place. My office is dinky, I am sitting next to the copier machine. It will get loud in thie room when they print stuff.

On April 18th at 10 in the morning I will be getting a new hair do!! I'm excited and a bit nervous because I've thought about doing something totally new and different. Ever since high school I've had it shoulder length with and without layers. I've had it short, permed wavy and tight curly.

I will also be having a Thiry-One Purse Party that day in the afternoon.

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