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Friday, November 30, 2012

Scotch Magic One Handed Dispenser

First off this dispenser is a snail by shape in default.  It’s kind of cute for a tape dispenser but it is called Scotch Magic One-Handed Dispenser.  I like to call it my little snail.

It has all nice qualities one would want for wrapping gifts at the holiday season or even for birthdays.  It’s small so it can fit into the palm of your hand.  I have used this little snail numerous in the past weeks while wrapping gifts for Christmas.

It is preloaded with a single roll of ¾ inch by 500 inches of tape.  It can be reloaded with ¾ inch Scotch® Magic™ Tape up to 1,000 inches long. It has a green button that you pull back to make the cutter jut out to cut the tape at the desired length one wants.

The only draw I have issues with is that the roller along with the flap the tape lays on is a surface that the tape sticks to.  Which can make it difficult to roll on a straight surface such as a gift box.

Here you can see it rolled up on the roller part of the dispenser.  It can be taken care of quickly but when you’re in a time crunch it can be very frustrating.  I was able to pull back on the green button to cut it so it gave me a little tape flap to pull it off the roller then I had this nice straight piece of sticky tape that I could still use.  Which, that aspect is pretty nice but when it feels like it’s going to happen every time one begins to roll it, it is very disheartening.

This is what it looks like when the tape is rolled on the roller.  That grey flap there is what the tape lays on when ready for action.  The tape does tend to stick to it.  Almost like you have to go slow with this little snail to make sure the start of the tape sticks to the surface you want it on.

This is what it looks like when one begins the adventure with the Snail, in other words Scotch Magic One Handed Dispenser.

If there were a way to make the roller and the tab the tape lays on a non-stick surface, this little doohickey would be GOLD!  I like it along with the many other products they offer such as The Pop Up Tape, The Shoe Dispensers in different colors for the shoe savvy person, or the Classic desktop dispenser in four different colors.

Scotch brand tape has been in my family for years.  I’ve tried others and they just don’t seem to do the job like Scotch does.

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