Nothing But Purple: DINNER!!MMM   

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It wasn't as good as I thought it would've been.... I don't think I made it right... it cooked all the way through just not sure what happened unless the whites just tasted nasty to me... I'm gonna throw out ASAP. UGH I guess I'll be raiding the Grand parents tomorrow. Boys r asleep.

James will eat just about anything, spaghetti, chicken, all veggies, all fruits, hamburger(for the helper meals) any kind of noodles or rice. He has six teeth.. Connor had at least 8-10 by the time he was a year old maybe more I do remember though that he had his 1yr molars by the time is was 18mos old and then the I teeth. James he just has the four top ones and the two bottoms. I can never get a picture of them.

James doesn't like it when Big Brother takes things away so he screams loud until I make Connor give it back. Boy he knows how to scream/shriek. There's already gonna be fighting and things of the like and I was so hoping there wasn't gonna be.

Man in two weeks tops James will be a year old. YIKES!! ARGH!!! this is not cool. LOL I don't have anything prepared, yet. This kinda sucks b.c when Connor was turning one I had just about everything ready and set to go two weeks prior to his birthday. I can't remember how I did it w/ all the help I had. It's just crazy, Friday I have to get invites made and sent out to ppl that I KNOW will show up. OI I told myself I would be prepared after Connor's birthday but NOPE stupid procrastinating. Well I have lots to do within these next two weeks better get off my bum and do it. LOL

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