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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eventful Morning :)

It was so great. We got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and then went to the park for about an hour. :) It was heaven. They both had fun chasing bubbles, swinging, climbing on the jungle gym, and then running the bases at the little league field. :) it was funny. Took my camera but within 4minutes it went dead so I wasn't able to get it all on tape.

James was playing in the cool dirt, you know how when u were a little kid u'd run your hand through the sand/dirt because of the way it felt, well that's what he did. I just made sure he didn't stick any of it in his mouth. :) Then I took them for a small walk in the stroller.

Connor did not want to leave the park. He's an outside boy and so is James wherever his big brother goes he has to follow. Well we ended up going to the library afterwards for some group reading were visitors come in and read books, sing songs and whatever else they do. This was the first day we went and Connor, I think, liked it. It also might be our Wednesday routine, park, library, home.

They are both napping so I figured I'd go ahead and type this out so I can remeber it for later. :)

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