Nothing But Purple: Burgoo Festival is this weekend   

Friday, September 28, 2007

Burgoo Festival is this weekend

And I have to be there Tomorrow from 9-11 YAY me!!! then I work 2-8 fun fun day.

I'm gonna try and go sometime this early evening to get out of the house and if hubby doesn't want to come well then that's just fine..

OH MY, quiet house again... YAY need to fold those clothes. James is walking and Connor is a typical 2yr old!! I still have nothing ready James' birthday the invites r ready just waiting to be sent out, I have plates and all that ready just need to figure out what were are gonna do for his smash cake and our cake for family and friends. WE've only gotten him a few gifts and it's already tight with money around AGAIN ARGH!!!

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