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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Donate or Not To Donate?

That is the question?
Watching the Dateline special with Nadya's interview  got me thinking. I understand both sides of the issue very well even though I've only had two kids. IT IS HARD! And with 14 that'll been even harder with the economy at the moment.  I agree she should've stopped at the last two she had which are the twins. Which leads me to ask this next question: Couldn't she have donated her embryos to a couple that are having fertility issues?  Honestly that would have been the better choice in my opinion because not only would she be giving someone else a chance to have a family, she would be saving herself and her kids the financial struggle they will have to endure. According to the Dateline interview, people can go online to donate to the family. Honestly why would we want to donate to her? She did this to herself and she has to find her own way. She has to have other family members that would love to raise a few kids.

I also don't see how people can be so rude about having so many kids. There is the Duggar Family on television that I have not heard ONE bad comment about and they have 18 KIDS. I know a mom who has five kids and I know she wouldn't have it any other way no matter what happens in this world. Yet the comments towards Nadya and her 14 kids just irritate me. I understand what she did was irresponsible a little but leave the rude comments behind. There's enough rudeness in the world why do we have to treat her with it. Rude people have no place to say what is right and wrong in other people's lives. Worry about your own life and who is in it.

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