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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Truth Or Dare

truthordare-1-1OK I know it's been a while since I last did Truth or Dare but here's how it works; Truth you can tell in the comments, Dare you can do Vlog or just type it out on your blog. On the Dare you MUST leave a link to your post/vlog in Mr. Linky below.

Truth: Do you play WOW, World Of Warcraft? I have played WOW before, I haven't in a LONG time. I wish I could get back into playing it again.

Dare: I dare you to do the Chicken Dance with your kids.


  1. i'll take truth: no i have never played WOW...

  2. I signed Mr.Linky, not sure what it was for, but I signed in anyway. I've never played WOW before, but I'll definitely do the chicken dance with my 4 year teenager might die of embarrassment if I make her do it because she has two friends over right now. LOL

  3. LOL Tammy! I'd love to see it!

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