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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is Connor's first season.  Daddy is his coach and just recieved kid/parent information.  He has five kids including Connor,  one other boy and three girls.  Chris just left to see if he could get the second practice changed because he just found out that one of the players wont be able to make it to Friday's practice because their oldest son plays for the high school football team.

We have five soccer balls at the moment but we also need a few other things to help teach them how to dribble and keep away.  There are a few games such as Red Light Green Light and Sharks and Minoes and more.  I will of course be out there as much as I can to help him as this is also Chris' first season coaching.

This is kind of exciting and kind of scary because we aren't sure what we are really getting into.  I know and he knows that there will be some parents that are a bit more competitive and so while others just want their kids to learn the game while having fun.  We will have lots of fun this fall.

In other news I've been babysitting a two year, she's just two weeks younger than James and head of him in the potty training game.  She's also going to start preschool but only for three days a week while my four year, Connor will be going four days a week.  I'm also hoping that at the beginning of September I'll be babysitting a six week old baby, but I'm not sure since the mother has been having issues with her c-section.

Connor had his physical for school yesterday(Monday) received four shots and was a good boy.  He's also is 44 inches tall and 43.5 lbs in the 90th precentile for both.  I have a very tall boy on my hands.  I'm honestly curious as to how tall he'll be come his sophomore year of high school but that's gonna be awhile.  His shots are good until 2016 when he goes into sixth grade.

I've started hard core potty training with James.  Strictly underwear during the day except for naps and bedtime.  So keep your fingers crossed for us that I can get him potty trained either by Christmas at the earliest or Valentine's Day at the latest.

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday.

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