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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Snipits

Thanks to Toni of A Daily Dose, I was referred to Caitlin of MommyGeekology for a little bit of a site design change.  I'm excited because I already love the header she has done up for me. 

WHY OH WHY!! Sorry just a slight mishap.

Anyway on with my Sunday Snipits, Connor has been back to school for two weeks now and I have been enjoying the semi quiet mornings.  I started babysitting after I was laid off well now I'm babysitting an eleventh month old who is just now getting her canine teeth.  Boy is she clingy sometimes.  So I babysit two that go to preschool both in the morning and two that are not old enough just yet.  I think I'm going to like it but it's only been a week with the little one.  A little funny fact that I learned is that Punky, the eleventh month has the same birthday as I do.

James is doing better with the potty training than I thought, I just had to put him underwear to get him to notice what he was doing.  Apparently my brother was like that.  He didn't care while wearing diapers or pull-ups.  Yesterday he finally went poop on the potty. Funny thing though, he watched what he was doing.  So he will deffinitely be ready for preschool next year but I'm not sure I want him to go although he'll need it for the socialization.

I'm doing a little better myself about things.  Chris is so serious about doing painting projects for people.  I will be helping him get a booth for the festival that is coming up at the end of the month, Septmember.  Fingers crossed we get a wonderful turnout.  Just need to get him to do something other than planets and mountains.

There is a Wordless Wednesday coming this week.  Along with another post tomorrow morning.  I have finally been able to do a few things today since my dad helped fix my computer!! YAY! Now I'll be able to show off more pictures along with maybe one review every two weeks.

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  1. Good luck on the potty training & babysitting! Sounds like you'll have your hands full!
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