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Monday, September 14, 2009

WOOORAAAHHH!!! And Policy Info

Got Woopra back on my computer! Now if only I could get one review done a week that would be SUPERFLY! I miss blogging so much.  What I'm able to type is so spacey that I wish I had more time to spend on one subject in each post.

So for those that are looking for reviews from a mom with two boys ages 4 and almost 3 please don't hesitate to email me, caleenna at gmail dot com. I am able to check email mostly on the weekends so send it Friday and you will get a response by late Monday night.  Also from the time I receive the product or the time I receive confirmation of the review it will start the week of using the product, website or what have you.  Then on that last day I will compile on my notes and type up the review, it will sit for a day so that I may come back to it and reread it before posting.  I will also send you, the vendor, a link to the review so that you may do as you please with it.  I will have this posted on the PR page of my site as well so it will be in on spot at all times.

This will be my policy from now and until I can afford to have internet at my own home.  If you have any concerns or questions please email me at the above address.

In other news, my family has been sick the chills the aches you name it we are now starting to get over it but I just went to the doctor today and I have a slight case of bronchitis. Icky stuff I tell you.  The boys though seem to be doing alright and I'm sure they won't get worse.

Gotta go home and call the parents of the child that I babysit and let them know that I now have antibiotics to help me get better.

Enjoy you Monday Night.

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