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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Playing The Waiting Game

Connor had his preschool screening last wednesday. He did awesome, but sucks that I wasn't able to go back with him to see how well he did. They didn't even sit with me to talk to me about anything, which I thought was really strange. So now it's again a waiting game just like everything else in life.

They said he is right on track for a three yr old.  yiippppeeee.... So he was put on a tuition waiting list so after all the developmentally delayed and free/reduced kids get their spot they'll let me know if there is room for Connor.  Kinda sucks b.c he needs other social interaction.

If this fall isn't his year well then I just might put them both in daycare for two days a wk. I'm not sure depends on how things work out with this job and everything else.

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