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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not even sure why I even blog anymore....

I know I have friends.. but do they really care, do they really want to KNOW me, do they really want to know what I'm think. I feel like the only ppl that REALLY care are my family and 2-3 friends... yes that's more than I've had in a LOOONNNNNGGG TIME.. but it would be nice to know that I have more than 3 friends that I can count on to be there for me when I need to talk to someone. I've never pissed off anyone from something I've said.. I've always been a meek and mild girl and still to this day. WHY OH WHY can't I be more like some that I admire, those women who just say what's on their mind and doesn't care of what other's think. This wk my feelers are out stretched so far that something so little has made me cry THREE TIMES now. AAHH I know a lot of women go through these at least once a month but this one is really bad for me, I've never felt this way even back in high school. I've been kinda snappy at my husband and I don't mean to me, it just comes off that way. AND I'm SORRY!!!

This week is my funk week and it's really irritating me b.c I've never been this bad. I seriously think I need something to help me. I don' t know how much more or how many more months I can go through this. IT'S JUST NOT ME!!!


  1. We all go through this in life. You just have to be strong and keep being the great friend you are.

  2. We all go through this. Just stay strong and keep being the great friend you are.

  3. I found this on your new year review post. I get this way sometimes. Honestly I don't really have any "real" friends. I know on one around my online friends are it. The few I have.


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