Nothing But Purple: Trip Down Memory Lane   

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

Man what life was like and then what it is.

Connor as a newborn. Was easy for the get go. I knew when to feed him, when he needed changed, and when he needed attention. My first born is growing up way to fast in front of me, pretty soon he'll be starting preschool... WHOA MOMMA!! I'm in for it now. LOL A pics down memory lane.

3 Days old---there's a story for this day but I wont go into it.
3 days old

Almost a wk old
just loooking

His first hair cut.. LOL I miss that hair but it needed to be cut, it kept getting in his face

A picture of his first year.
Collage of Connor thru out the year

His First Bday

His 2nd BDay

and here he is over Memorial Day Wkend

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