Nothing But Purple: OTH!! *One Tree Hill*   

Monday, May 19, 2008

OTH!! *One Tree Hill*

OMG!!!! I so want to drop kick Lucas. a big PITA. just go with your heart already quite pull these girls strings for god's sake.

Last eppy of the season and now I want summer to be over so the new one can start. He called either Brooke, Lindsay, or Peyton to go to Vegas and we have to wait til next season. ARGH!!

and YAY Nathan!!! comeback baby. I'm so glad James Lucas Scott jump in the pool and overcame his fear just like his daddy.

Love Haley's new song.

WTF!! DAN hit by a car and then the beeper goes over... COME ON!! how predictable was that.

yanno what... i just realized that it could possibly be Lucas and Peyton in Vegas b.c of a previous preview for NEXT season. The one where they are in the room... they LEYTON as the cw members call them is in vegas together. WOW!! GREAT SHOW!!

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