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Sunday, May 18, 2008

No It's Not

"No it's not"

"yes it is"

"no it's not"

"yes it is"

LOL the conversation with my 2 almost 3 year old today over whether the polar bear was a bear or a horse.. LOL it was too cute to hear him say those words. Just Wednesday we found out that he is right on track for a three year old and is good to go for preschool. The thing now, though is HOW IN THE HELL am I going to pull 160 dollars out of thin air to pay for him a MONTH!! aahhhhhh just boggles my mind that u have to pay for preschool... even though IT'S not mandatory.

So I've added to what they call the tuition waiting list. After the kids that have developmental delays and the free/reduced lunch kids get in they will email me with information and whatnot for him to get in. OH BOY what fun....another waiting game.

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