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Monday, February 23, 2009

Five and A Half Hours Later

Cat of 3 Kids and Us Birth Story Giveaway Ending 2.24.09  I better get this typed because today is the 23rd.

So going back three and a half years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest, Connor.  My first.  The romance baby.  I was heaven.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself here though.  So on with the birth story that I never got around to typing or writing down anywhere after he was born.
The date; June 16th I go in for my 37 week appointment.  Midwife tells me I am five centimeters and 50% effaced.  HOORRAAHH!! She gave me two choices.  First option was to go back home and let things just progress on their own and either have baby boy at home or while in the car driving to the hospital.  Second option was to go directly to the hospital and get put on pitocin so that I could feel the contractions that I've been having ALL day.

I should've just walked around Walmart until my water broke but I didn't.  So we get up to the third level, get checked in, and hooked up to the machines to monitor contractions and baby's heart rate.  All was then I started feeling hungry..... NO FOOD Miss Jessica, just in case we have to operate.  WELL FLIPPITY FLIP!  LOL

Mom gave me a few saltine crackers to chew on for a little bit and ice chips.  I lay on the bed and just rest for the next four and half hours.  I was doing fine until I didn't have enough time in between contractions to breathe, so my mom called the nurse in.  She saw what was going on and backed down the pitocin.

The nurse checked me and said that I was fully dialated and all, the contractions where still coming strong but I was able to take a quick breath inbetween each one.  I kept telling them that I needed to push and she wouldn't let me until the midwife came in.  She prepared the room and called the midwife in for delivery.

The midwife checked me and noticed his head was crowning.  So she tells me, "When I tell you I need you to push.  And now, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and relax."  I diPhotobucketd that two more times after the first.  Connor's head came out along with making me have a stinging/burning sensation at 12:12 am on June 17th.  My midwife suctioned Connor's nose and mouth then tells me to push one last time.  The rest of him was out.

She laid him on my tummy for a few minutes then cuts the cord after she took him back for a few, hubby didn't want to, which was fine.  She lays him back on my tummy and I hold him but watching her for any sign of anything if I needed to do something.  She delivered the placenta and the nurse took Connor to get weighed and have the apgar test done.  The nurse gave Connor back to me and I tried my hand at breastfeeding.  I thought it was going well.

I started to shake and shiver. I told them so they covered me with about two warm blankets and then my father joined us at the hospital.  So then they told us that we needed to gather our stuff up and head to a recovery room.  My mom and husband did that while I got into a wheel chair and off to recovery I go.


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