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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ladies and Gents

It's Tuesday and I haven't been able to do much blog reading, so if there is a post you'd like for me to read leave the link to it in Mr. Linky. I'm sorry I wasn't able to have Monday Round Up, up yesterday. No internet at home = no blogging of any kind. If there is an article you think would interest me please leave the link to it so that I may have articles to read the next few days.

Again I'm sorry for not being around.

This weekend I played Wii Sports with my Daddy. :) We played bowling for FREE! LOL My highest game was a 237!! WOOT WOOT! I've never been able to do that in all my bowling years. Only took me the whole weekend to get to PRO. I'm proud of myself.

Other news, we DID NOT loose our power last week when that ice storm hit us. They said that if the ice was snow we would've had two feet of it. I would've rather of had the snow. I don't do well with ice. Yesterday morning I was walking to my car, driveway is still somewhat covered hubs hasn't shoveled it(making me very irritated), I was sliding down.. NO WAY so I had to slide into the ice covered grass just to get to my car. I'm surprised my three year old didn't fall on his tooshie. Had to take him to school.

Lets just hope we don't get the two inches that they say we will be getting SCHOOL needs to happen otherwise these kids wont have a summer break. That's another post.

So just please leave a link to a post of yours or someone else's in Mr. Linky and I'll get to it this week.



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  2. We love playing Wii sports! Aidan is very good at bowling.


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