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Monday, February 9, 2009


I had a little blonde moment this morning. I, for some reason thought today was President's Day. Don't get me wrong I do love days off from work but this one really did a number on me because I told my oldest that Amma, my mother, would be with me to pick him up. I know how upset he will be when GamGam picks him up.

He sees her ALL the time but it's for good reasons she helps us by picking the boys up while I'm at work and hubs is sleeping before work. It's just the way things are for now and works for us. I hate it but if he wants to go school she'll be there to pick him up.

It really made me cry though because I know he misses Amma A LOT! So next Monday that will be our plan. I'll drop him off at school, make up day for all the snow days, and then his brother and I will visit Amma then about 2:40pm we will pick him up from school. I know he'll love spending time with Amma.


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  1. Sorry Jess... sounds like you need a day off!


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