Nothing But Purple: Pre Valentine's Date Along With A Few Tidbits About the Week   

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre Valentine's Date Along With A Few Tidbits About the Week

valentines_day_graphics_10Yes a pre-Valentine's Date. Hubby wants to go see Friday the 13th and I'm not one for scary movies. Never liked them. Now there are a few that I have watched but if I watch them and you scare me during the movie I WILL undoubtedly have nightmares or go to bed with a light on.

I told my mother, she suggested that I take a cd player with ear pieces. Not a bad idea. I could hide the cd player in my purse and once in the theater, pop in the ear pieces so I don't have to hear any of the movie and just watch it.

I wont be going period.

So wish me luck tonight. hehehehehe I'll be back with more details later this weekend. I may miss MomDot and Uncorked Live tonight. GOOD LUCK to all who play and CONGRATS to those who win.

I've forgotten to tell you guys I won a PEEK from Busy Mom. I recieved it last Friday. I have yet to try it out. Hubby said no way. It's only 19.95 a month for the subscription and I just want to try it out for a month. So we'll see.

Christy, thank you for the Sling. I recieved it yesterday.

Stacy, OH.MY.GOSH. I LOVE YOU and Thank you. I've had to bring my chocolates and suckers to work with me otherwise my boys would be eating it all! Love the teddy bear and I will have to try that wine. I've not heard of it before. Where are they established at? I have pictures and a video that I will have to upload a little later.

Today Connor went on his first little field trip to the nursing home by bus. I hope daddy went with him. They are having their Valentine's party and I'm unable to be with him. Kind of makes me a little sad and down today but that's ok because daddy is with him. I hope he isn't to scared of the elders.

We also put a Wii on layaway at K-mart last Friday! We will have it no later than Easter! It will be an Easter gift from us to the boys.

Another little thing. I recently recieved some Rembrandt Whitening Treatments and some K-Y Yours and Mine lubricant that my hubby and I will be trying out tomorrow sometime. For now you can head over to The Mom Buzz for her updates on using the Rembrandt Whitening Treatments. Come back soon for the review on both products.


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  1. Stacy (Random Cool Chick)February 14, 2009 at 5:44 AM

    I totally hear ya on the scary movies - I've never liked them either! I don't need to have nightmares when I'm trying to sleep! :)

    I'm so glad you liked your box'o'goodies! That's too funny you had to take the yummy stuff to work so the boys wouldn't eat it - I usually have to hide any of my chocolate stuff from my hubby, he's a major chocoholic and I've had to get very creative in my hiding places! LOL!! The wine is my own homemade wine made from the grapes off our far feedback has been really good, so hope you like it! ;)



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