Nothing But Purple: 200th Post Milestone!!   

Thursday, August 21, 2008

200th Post Milestone!!

One eventful morning we had this wonderful time just being together. Then all of a sudden a few weeks later I had a morning from hell, but we were one lucky family because we were able to get a new car. Yes it was awesome and thankfully we still have it.

I have belonged to a group of online mommies and we had played this game called Tata and Ass Game. LOL it was a wonderful game. We had to guess whose was who.

Then spring set in with these noisy little bugs. I'm not sure what attracted them to me but I had THREE of them attack me. One clung to me while I came inside. Those betty little red eyes just creeped me out.

Hubs was ready for some new ink, well it was late at night and he didn't quite have the money to get what he wanted so we headed to Wally world and this is what we decided to get.

Good thing we bought a new car with NEW tires. Watching this video was scary.

Dette over at MammaDawg tagged me with this little diddy. I thought it was neat.

I was attacked by my curler brush.. LOL I know it sounds funny but just looking at the pictures it looks really funny.

After the morning from hell, I'm neck, back, lower back, shoulders, and legs where just not right. I wasn't sleeping well. I was very irritable. I was mean to my boys, which I hate being. So I decided to go to the chiropractor to get adjusted. And what do you know my back stops hurting. I'm longer mean and angry. I'm loving the time I spend with boys.

OK so there you have it. My 200th post!! HOLY MOLY!! When I first started this I thought I'd never get to my 200th post before my blogoversary and looky here I made it.

Now come back often as I may have a few more contests and posts for you to read. Add me to your reader if you like.



  1. This is a very cool post Jess!!! Great idea and congrats on the 200 posts!

  2. Your 200th post is definitely a winner! I loved reading about all of it. The new car is fabulous, and I'm so jealous, although I don't wanna get in a wreck to get one. I already did that and I still didn't get a new car! My BD is in September also. Cicadas are loud! Now, the tatas and arse game... I don't know that I'd put a pic of my arse on my site, but it sure would be fun trying to figure out who everyone is! Congrats on 200 posts.

    I liked seeing how your sig changed since you started blogging, too.

  3. Congradulations on your 200th post.

  4. awesome post!!! Congrats on 200!

  5. Awe! That post was fun to read! Congrat's on your 200th post! Yay!

    BTW........... Tag You're it! Come check it out!

  6. Congrats on your 200th post! Great Idea!

  7. Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great to make it this far? My blog is over a year old already. I remember my 200th post. I love how you celebrated this milestone. By the way, you received an award from me. Visit Healthy Moms for all the details. Congratulations!



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