Nothing But Purple: Scrapbook Saturday: Park Day   

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday: Park Day

Just having a great time at the park on one of our LOVELY days here in the bluegrass state. It was awesome, breezy, warm and some cloud coverage.

Head over to Mamma Dawg for the SS HQ's to view more scrap pages. Oh Don't forget to make your own!!

HAPPY SS everyone!


  1. Adorable. :)
    I love the color-scheme :) Fits completely :)

  2. great page! effectively conveys the feeling; and cute boys you have, too :-)

  3. very cute. fun day!

  4. And how did I miss this?! UGH. I irritate myself sometimes.

    Most times.

    Sorry for being so late - I love how fun this page is, though - especially the swirls. I bet they had a blast!


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