Nothing But Purple: Friday First Day of Preschool!   

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday First Day of Preschool!

HOLY MOLY!! He's ready I know he is. Momma's just not fully ready b.c we have to come up with 160 dollars by MONDAY! UGH! Crazy. I know other families where able to save b.c they had ample time to save it, we did NOT however. Luckily I get paid on monday and they'll have their 160$'s. OI.

I still have to go through pictures and tape them to a sheet of construction paper for him to keep in his room. BLAH! TO much stuff to do before Friday.

Wish me luck that I can keep it together all day Friday. I don't think I'll be heading to work but then I wont get the whole 160. EERRR!! Just pray and keep us in your thoughts that we can make it through this.



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  1. wow! first day of preschool! That's an exciting step!


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