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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Toddler Bed!!

OI! Not going so well. Since we painted his room and put flooring down he slept with me for about three weeks. WELL.... he's wanting to sleep with me every night now. OH BOY! What fun. Both of my boys like to snuggle up close to me at night since Hubs works the night shift I kind of like it but man it would be nice to have that bed FULLY to myself sometime.

Waking up put him back in his own bed just makes me want to sleep-in longer than I want. SO here goes another week of trying to get Boog to sleep in his own room.


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  1. UH OH! You have my sympathies! I have been there with the babies wanting to sleep in bed with mama. These past few days my kids have all been sick and my "baby" Will has ended up in bed with me every night... UGH
    Here's hoping we get our beds back eventually...


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