Nothing But Purple: Bolonga, Ham, Bread   

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bolonga, Ham, Bread

Is what was for dinner. LOL Bubby ate the meat, bolonga and ham. Boog ate the bread and a few bites of ham. I had the whole sandwich, two slices of bread, one slice of ham and bolonga, two slices of cheese and miracle whip. Yes I said miracle whip. Don't bother with that other stuff it just doesn't taste right to me. LOL

Now back in high school I used to mix ketchup and Hellmann's Mayonaise and eat it with my french fries and the breaded chicken that they would serve. YUMMY, did you ever do anything like?


  1. That's just nasty! byuck! bologna and miracle whip makes me sick! you should try the new mayo they have out with the extra virgin olive oil in it! omg it's so yummy!!!

  2. I'm totally different. I can't eat Miracle Whip anymore. I'm a Hellmann's girl now.

    We do have a sauce we use on our french fries and our macaroni and potato salad. It's made with Hellmans and numerous other things. I also put it on my burgers sometimes.


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