Nothing But Purple: Fourty Four DAYS!! WOW   

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fourty Four DAYS!! WOW

According to blogoversary, til my little baby here turns ONE!! WOW. LOL HHHMMMM... any ideas on what I should do?? Leave suggestions in the comments please.

I want to celebrate with a bang because these last two/three months have been my safe haven, my peaceful resort, my oh you know a place to just let loose and have fun. Since I don't have anything else to do besides tend to the boys, house, hubby, and work.

I've made some great friendships these last few months and all because of the women @ MomDot they've helped me out with so much, along with the ladies over at SITS. Meeting and reading other blogs helps me loosin up a bit.

And a BIG thanks to Shannon at Eight Crazy Designs made this wonderful template/layout for me.

Thanks to all my readers whether you comment or not. :) I'm glad u are here and at least looking around.

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