Nothing But Purple: My Stubby Pencil Sketchbook Came in!!   

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Stubby Pencil Sketchbook Came in!!

Thanks to Christy from The Write Gal who ran the contest and Stubby Pencil Studios. They sent the sketchbook along with some smencils and two little cards that are just absolutely darling.

The Smencils OMG smell wonderful with the fruit smells, soda smells, and candy smells. As soon as I opened the the bag they were in I could instantly smell them. However DID They get those smells in there.

My Hubs lick one to see if it had any taste and well they don't so they aren't for eating. LOL Keep that in mind if you have little ones.

I doodle in the sketchbook along with jotting down ideas for my posts.

Thanks again to Christy at The Write Gal and Stubby Pencil Studios.


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  1. That's great Jess! I am glad you liked everything!! :)


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