Nothing But Purple: Friday Foto Finish Fiesta *sorry for the typos*   

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta *sorry for the typos*

His first day of Preschool went well. He's such an independent little boy it made me cry. Tuesday he didn't want me to walk with him to his classroom. He truely tore my heart. My baby is growing up. I just hope the excitement for school stays with him for a little while longer.
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  1. Your post reminds me so much of my son's first day at kindergarten. He walked in head high and was ready to jump into school with both feet. I had to interrupt him to say goodbye. I was more emotional than he was. I did hold back the tears until I was alone in the car.

  2. PURPLE is the BEST color!

  3. Doesn't it make you a little bit sad when they don't wrap themselves around your leg and want Mommy! Good on you for raising a confident, brave little boy though.

  4. My younger daughter is starting preschool and I know she is going to be like "Don't let the door hit you on the way out". That's how she is when I drop her at Grandma and Grandpa's so, I am prepared.


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