Nothing But Purple: Have You Seen It Yet?   

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have You Seen It Yet?

That button over there -------------------->>>--------------->>>> on my right side bar. Are you wondering how I got it purple instead of that plain ol', everyone has orange. Well Fee from FeeFiFoto has this awesome, easy, simple, step by step tutorial. Just go on over READ it through and you'll have your RSS Feed Button in now time!!

Fee was awesome about it. She commented on my contest post and I replied back saw that purple button and thought to myself "How in the world did this person get that purple button instead of the orange one that EVERYONE has?" Well she must've heard me, there's got to be a kenictic link between us, that night I received a reply back from her tell me that she will do up a little easy to read tutorial.

And what do you know she replies again to me with the link to her post. Well it took me about five minutes to GET into my feedburner account to see what she was actually showing in those screening shots. So fiddled around a bit waiting for feedburner to login me.

I finally got to the step to copy the url and voila the button linked to my feed!! Now if only I can find a blue, green, and red button for my other three blogs that would be wonderful.

Thanks again Fee for posting that and mentioning me.



  1. Wow, it's too purple cool theme... I like it.

    Can you try to find the blue ones for my sidebar... :D

  2. Thanks for writing about me. I'm blushing.

    You can find the button, and lots of others, here:

  3. Love your sassy purple!!! You need to get on over to my blog girl!!! You won my contest!!! I am going to PM you too over at MomDot. Congrats!! :)


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