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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feature Blogger: Debataur Debates

Come say hello to a wonderful debate blogger. She is an awesme writer and loves to educate others or hear what other have to say.

What got you interested in blogging?

I initially thought it would be a great way to track my child's milestones especially as she has just now reached the school years. I quickly realized though that I could never be that kind of blogger. I tried for a few days and honestly I sucked. I got interested in my current idea for a blog because I've always been interested in other people's views on things and I thought that having a debate forum would really open my eyes to a lot of differing views. So far my readers haven't disappointed me in this regard.

How long have u been blogging?

About a month give or take.

What are some of your favorite posts?

I think I'm really evolving as a blogger and that my best posts are yet to come. I am really excited about two upcoming posts. I'd let you in on them but I do like to keep my readers guessing Of what I've written so far two stand out. The first is on recycling. I thought it was kind of a ho hum article but I was pleasantly surprised with the passion that some people responded with around the subject. The second one was around minimum language proficiency requiremnents for school. Honestly I learned a lot about the school system from my readers responses.

What about your favorite bloggers?

Honestly I think every blog is so unique and has so much to offer that I couldn't narrow it down to just a few. Honestly I read quite a few blogs.

What's behind the name of your blog?

Honestly I wanted hot topics but that name was taken. Then I decided I wanted something with debate in the title because that's what I'm all about so after bumbling around for a little while I came up with this title.

What types of blogs do you like to read?

I really like blogs where people share their opinions on a subject or educate me about something that I didn't know about before. I also follow a few Moms blogs because I'm always looking for ways to improve my parenting

Are there any posts that you HAVEN'T seen on a blog, yet? If so, what would u like to see?

I would like to see a few more posts about the struggles of working Moms. Most of the Mommy blogs I read seem to be written by SAHMs. I'm sure they're out there I just haven't found them yet.


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