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Friday, September 12, 2008

Harry Potter

*clears throat* Daniel Radcliffe... yep you know him. Well just so happens that I could be the winner of the whole series plus the 10th anniversary edition and a gold pin all worth 195 dollars. Scholastic has teamed up with MomDot and will have FIVE winners for this contest. How cool is that.

Man I would give anything for those books. My brother has ALL of them, I have one, the last one. I also have to little boys that would love these books because they LOVE the movies already.

Scholastic has the pronunciation guide here along with the Knight Bus Tour. How cool would the tour be. I mean to see all the stuff of Harry Potter would make my day. It's crazy that 10 years ago, which means I was 14 and about to start my freshman year of high school these books would be making history with all people, young and old.

Head on over to MomDot for more information.


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  1. I think I know the 5 people who need to win!!! LOL

  2. I just realized your feed is not coming through on bloglines! What's up?

    I hope you win all this HP stuff! I love HP! But, I am old enough to be his mom and yours, too! You are young thing!


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