Nothing But Purple: Thursday Thirteen Edition 2   

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edition 2

Thirteen Things about my hubby that I adore since I met him!

1. The way he looks at me.
2. The way he cares for me.
3. We always kiss three times before he leaves for the night.
4. The so MANY ways he helps out.
5. For loving me the way he does.
6. For loving our boys.
7. Taking time out of his sleep schedule to be with one or the other.
8. The way he rubs my back when we are sitting on the couch.
9. The way he plays with my hair.
10. The little I Love you game he plays with Connor.
11. The way he smells when he is fresh out of the shower.
12. Listens to some of the same music I listen to.
13. I LOVE his green/blue eyes, that's what put me into a trance in the beginning.

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  1. He sounds wonderful.

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