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Friday, September 26, 2008

MomDot: Beyond the Bomb Bath Bombs Giveaway

MomDot has been on a roll this month. Coming up is this little giveaway through Beyond the Bomb Bath Bombs from Trisha S. Winning the 25 dollar gift certificate to her store would be awesome! I'm always looking for something new for the tub with my boys and myself.

I haven't taken a bath myself since my last pregnancy and it's still hard to take a bath in my LITTLE tub. I swear I think my boys are getting to a bit too big for it to be in there together. LOL My oldest is no so interested in the bath anymore unlike my youngest who LOVES the water no matter where it is.

I would love to try out some of those bombs, especially the Sleeping Beauty Benefit, purple and lavender scent would be wonderful to take in after the boys are in their beds!

So head on over and check her out.

Plus Trisha S. has been running monthly giveaways which I think is awesome!!


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  1. I've used Beyond the Bomb bath bombs. She has so many I want to try! They're great!

  2. Thanks for the tip--I love to check out contests/giveaways! BTW, if ya thought my Friday Foto was Funny, you should check out the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow. We'll be Sharing that Caption Love, ya know!


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